Tree removal services

Tree removal, while appearing straightforward and simple, is a highly technical and complex task that requires the services of trained and qualified professionals.

When Tree Removal is Required

Root decay or damage

– Hanging or dead branches

– Swelling in the trunk of the tree

– Interference with the health of other surrounding organisms

– Threat to buildings, driveways, roads, or utility wires

The Tree Removal Process

There are four major types of tree removal: tree felling, traditional tree removal, spar pole rigging, and whole tree rigging and removal.

If you’re considering having a tree removed, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Request an estimate from Washington Tree Experts.
  2. Sign the proposal and return it to our office. Tree removal in the state of Washington may require special permitting from your local city government. Contact us to learn more about the necessary permits.
  3. On the day of the scheduled removal, our team will arrive with a skilled foreman and field manager.
  4. Our team will take down the trees by the method deemed most acceptable and least disruptive to your property. Limbs are chipped and large logs are set aside for the next crew, which will use power saws to cut the logs into 20″ sections.
  5. Some projects may require surrounding fencing be temporarily removed in order for the tree to be successfully removed. This information will be included as part of your initial proposal.
  6. From there, you’ll need to determine what you’d like to have done with the stump that remains. Typically, the industry standard is to leave the stump between 6-24″ above the surface of the ground. For an additional fee, you may choose to have the stump removed from your property. The most effective and widely implemented method of stump removal is grinding, which mulches the stump into chips, leaving a 6-12″ hole in the ground. While rare, there are certain instances in which grinding or other methods of stump removal will be impossible.
  7. Once the job is complete, an invoice will emailed or mailed to you. You may choose to pay over the phone via credit card or return check by mail.

To schedule a tree removal estimate or to learn more about our services, contact Washington Tree Experts today.