Man trims tree

Tree trimming and pruning removes or reduces the amount of foliage in a tree, shrub, or bush. But beyond the basic definition, tree trimming is actually essential to the health of the tree and the aesthetic quality of the plant. Pruning may also improve the form and visual characteristics of any tree or shrub.

Benefits of Tree Pruning Services

– Improves the health of the tree

– Safety improvements for people and property

– Removes broken and dead branches

– Visual and aesthetic enhancements

– Protects property from damage

– Removes interference for vehicles and pedestrians

– Restores mature trees

– Assists in development of young trees

Pruning for health and safety means removing dead or diseased branches and limbs of trees to improve the health of the tree’s canopy. It also prevents decay and disease within the tree’s root and branch systems and opens up the tree’s canopy to allow additional air and sunlight. This can reduce wind resistance and helps prevent foliar disease.

When To Prune

Pruning before and after major storms is very important. Weakened and damaged branches can become dangerous projectiles during high winds, leading to damage to property, vehicles, and people. Trained arborists can inspect and identify problem sections of trees that can’t necessarily be seen from the ground.

Plants that encroach on physical structures will need routine maintenance and grooming to prevent damage to those buildings, but maintaining these trees can can provide cover and shelter for insects and wildlife.