When people think of the use of professional tree removal or tree maintenance services, they typically imagine the process taking place on residential property. While it is certainly true that homeowners have a vested interest in preventing any damage to their home or nearby lawn and landscaping, and even more true that the average homeowner could risk serious injury or even death performing that removal or maintenance themselves, owners of commercial property have as great, if not a greater need, for professional tree removal and maintenance.

When Are Professional Tree Maintenance and Removal Services Needed?

There are a variety of reasons why the owner of a commercial property may need a tree on site either completely removed or trimmed to avoid unnecessary risk. Nothing is scarier than the possibility of a heavy, fully-grown tree falling or dropping a branch on a person or a piece of expensive equipment. From a hoard of tree diseases to simple age or landscaping-induced drought, there are many factors which can necessitate the removal or trimming of a tree on commercial property. The primary reasons that companies call for professional tree maintenance are dead branches, visibly diseased trees, or trees that are dying or dead on commercial property. If there are one or more trees on your property with dead branches or a lack of leaves, it may be time to call for a professional consultation.

Why Is Commercial Tree Maintenance So Important?

In a single word: liability. Of course, there are a number of reasons, such as curb appeal and functional use of the commercial space, which also make the maintenance of trees, as well as the removal of diseased, dead, or dying trees on commercial property of increased importance. Liability, however, is a major factor. Businesses need to be aware of any dead or dying trees, as well as individual branches that pose a risk of falling from the tree. In addition to threatening injury to staff or customers, those branches could damage buildings or vehicles parked on the property. Proper maintenance of trees and removal of those that pose undue risk is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary personal injury and damage to property.

Of course, curb appeal can be important as well, especially if your company has customers or clients come in to their facility for any reason. Well-maintained properties with groomed, healthy trees look infinitely more attractive to those driving, biking, and walking by as opposed to spaces dominated by dead or dying trees, which tend to look ominous or even spooky.

Additionally, dead or dying trees or trees with dead or dying branches can impact the usefulness of outdoor spaces on your commercial property. Employees are less likely to use spaces around or under trees with problem branches, which can result in a disruption of on-site traffic flow or even large areas being underutilized.

Why You Should Call Professional Tree Services 

Depending on the size of your company and its commercial property, there is a good chance that there may be a custodian or a maintenance person, possibly even a full maintenance and custodial staff. Even if there are professional landscapers on your team, those individuals will not have the right kind of experience to safely and efficiently remove diseased, dying, or dead trees or branches. Having someone without experience trimming a dead or dying branch from your tree can result in worse damage to the tree, possibly with the eventual need for complete removal.

It’s also important to remember that trees are living organisms, and trimming allows many hostile life forms a chance to attack. From fungi to bacteria, these parasites will swarm an open cut on a tree, possibly resulting in its death. Don’t gamble with elements that add not only valuable shade to outdoor spaces during summer heat but also real value to the property itself. Bringing in a professional tree trimmer will minimize the risk of damage to the tree itself during the trimming and maintenance process.

More importantly, safety should always be of utmost importance during tree trimming or removal. The average custodian, landscaper, or maintenance worker will not have adequate training to ensure that the tree won’t injure this individual or damage property. In fact, chances are that unless tree maintenance is included in one’s job description, having staff members trim or remove trees could complicate matters with your liability insurance or workers’ compensation insurance company. Professional tree trimming and maintenance companies have insurance to cover not only potential damages if something goes awry during the removal process but also the right insurance to protect their workers if an on-site injury happens.

When your company needs to have a diseased, dead, or dying tree trimming or removed, don’t gamble with the safety of your staff or the possibility of damage to your property. For more information, contact Washington Tree Experts today!