Washington Tree Experts Team

Washington Tree Experts provides best in class professional tree trimming, pruning, and maintenance service for ornamental trees, fruit trees, hedges, scrubs, bushes, and large deciduous and coniferous trees.

In addition to the physical and aesthetic improvements to properly groomed trees, proper tree maintenance on a regular basis maintains the health and longevity of the trees, offsetting the potential for costly problems in the future.

We specialize in large-scale hedge trimming, trimming of branches too close to property or power lines, removal of dead or broken branches to improve the health of the tree, pruning and trimming to improve air and light penetration, and maintenance to promote healthy growth throughout the plant structure. Our team includes ISA-certified consulting arborists that can expertly diagnose problems and potential hazards to the life of the tree and suggest improvements to ensure proper, healthy growth.

Washington Tree Experts is a family-owned and operated arboriculture business with over 20 years of professional tree trimming and maintenance experience in the greater Seattle area. Day or night, rain or shine, our team is prepared to handle tree removals, trimming, and those “bump in the night” emergency tree service calls. We can also offer a number of other services including lot clearing, stump grinding, planting, transplanting, and landscape maintenance.

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