Whether you have a yard full of evergreens, a beautiful birch the neighborhood knows you for, or there’s a favorite arboretum in town you frequent, it’s important to be aware of the trees in your area. When trees go ignored for too long, quick fixes can turn into big problems. Calling an expert to do an evaluation when you see these signs is a quick step that will be well worth it in the long run. Next time you’re in your yard or neighborhood park, consider giving the trees around you a once over to look for these signs and red flags.  

If A Tree is Growing Too Close To a House or Road

Typically, people strategically plant trees so they’re not in the way of a home or a road. Overtime, inevitably, trees grow and can become hazardous as the cover more space. If branches get too close to the road, they can fall and cause traffic problems. The same goes for their proximity to your home; branches can be very dangerous when left unchecked. If you see trees in too close proximity to your home or roads in your area, that’s a definite sign you’re in need of an evaluation.  

If You See Ample Fungi

Fungi on trees is another red flag, and indicator that you need to get your tree evaluated. Fungi cause a variety of tree diseases, which means that if you see them professional help may be necessary. These ailments can’t typically be cured and the damage cannot be undone. That’s why it’s important to catch these signs early and call an expert. Regular watering, maintenance, and fertilizers are easy ways to maintain tree health and prevent fungi before it occurs.

If A Tree Seems Hollow

If a tree seems hollow or decayed, it may have tree rot. Tree rot happens when fungi cause severe damage to a tree and cause it to decay internally and externally. When a tree has been damaged by tree rot, it’s at a much higher risk of falling and causing damage to you, your family, and your property.

It’s Close to Electrical Wiring

If a tree has grown near power lines and close to electrical wiring, that’s another sign you may need an evaluation. If there is decent distance between the power line and the branches, preventative measures might not be necessary, but if there isn’t much space between the two that can be very problematic. In heavy rains, electricity can arc up to ten feet, and if there is wet foliage in the proximity, that can cause power outages and damage to your home. Calling an expert if you think a tree in your area is at risk is an easy preventative measure.

If It’s Fallen or At An Angle

If a tree has already fallen down, it may seem easy enough to grab the chainsaw and deal with it yourself. This may be okay for smaller trees, but for large trees DIY tree handling can be very dangerous. Instead, calling a professional for an evaluation of the situation can save a lot of hassle and keep you safe, because trained experts know how to best deal with fallen trees. Angled trees are also cause for evaluation. Calling an expert to evaluate an angled tree in your area is also well worth it. Professionals will know whether or not an angled tree is at risk of falling, and if a tree will need removal they’ll know how to properly climb the tree so avoid potential danger.  

Trees add a lot to an environment, but they can also cause serious damage if not looked after. Getting a tree evaluation is an easy way to keep small issues from turning into big problems. To consult one of our experts or to get an evaluation for the trees in your area, contact us today!

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.com.